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    Tuesday, November 9th, 2010
    7:18 am
    I don't know what happened with their fob, but The Summit refunded much of our money; basically only charging me for the month I stayed there. That means another trip to the bank today, but thankfully the temperature's going back up, into the 60s both yesterday and today, though I don't know about tomorrow. I made the most of it by walking to a nearby used book store I probably should have checked out a long time ago. Lots of old paperbacks. Blew off Dancing With the Stars as planned(though I still voted this morning; if Brandi and Maks make the final I might have to watch just for them) to watch Red Wings and Coyotes, but I think my internal clock's still on Daylight Saving's Time; I was feeling sleepy before nine.
    Still squeeing over new pictures of the Federer twins. And the Murray brothers winning in Valencia.
    Monday, November 8th, 2010
    6:34 am
    Apparently dad drives quick; I came home from my walk yesterday to see his car by the house, and they were home. Still, I think the cats and I were alone together for just enough time that they're starting to get over my having been gone for a month. Meanwhile, I sat down to watch Shall We Dance On Ice and was surprised by how much I enjoyed it; the release of Tanith and Ben full-time to the world of shows and the inclusion of other ice dancers could be a great boon to NBC's Sunday specials. Or maybe this one just had a really good choreographer, and cutting away from skaters to dancers isn't nearly as painful as cutting away from skaters to singers. Even the shilling of products isn't as annoying when it's done in Scottish accents. But it's kind of painful to watch Emily and Evan perform after what's happened to him.
    Twitter has obliged us to switch to the new interface by no longer updating the old one, and they should have told us because I think a number of us were confused last night. Though I don't object too much to the new Twitter so far; I've even found the side-windows convenient, even if the whole thing takes longer to load.
    Sunday, November 7th, 2010
    7:06 am
    After being up in the wee hours for two days, it was nice to be able to sleep in an extra hour, and still have time already today to breakfast, do my laundry(currently in the dryer), do the cats food and clean out their litter box, and even spend a few minutes at the piano. Unfortunately, I have not yet made my beds, and there are two cats sitting on it.
    Went out for much of yesterday, made the mistake of getting on the metro when there was track work going on at the local route, but the delay wasn't horrible. Nonetheless, I dined locally, at the Noodles and Company a few blocks from my house, and discovered it wasn't bitingly cold, so I did a little walking afterwards. Parents come home this afternoon.
    Also have had Love and Ice Dance confirmed as rejected by the publisher who requested the manuscript a year ago. Now must wait to see if Sourcebooks makes the request; they might. Meanwhile, I'm free to do some heavy editing. There will apparently be an official rejection with some sort of feedback at some point, but I'm not relying on getting it anytime soon.
    Saturday, November 6th, 2010
    10:01 am
    Mom and dad have gone off a-conferencing again, leaving me with the cats until late on Sunday. I haven't seen much of Clarissa, though Ian is currently asleep on my bed. Tried to cook chicken last night, burnt it, and the side of my lips; going out to eat tonight.
    Went to bed around eight, but still only woke up a little before four, just as the ladies competition was beginning. The stream was such that I saw mostly Diane Smziett, and it broke twice, early in Miki's skate, and early in Mirai's. Maybe I should have slept in... ) After that I took one look at the men's skating order and blew most of it off in favour of eating breakfasting, taking care of the cats' food and litter, and showering. Tuned back in just in time... ). Just enough time to watch Pechelat and Bourzat on YouTube before trying my luck with CCVTV5 streams, only to discover that Chrome had decided I didn't have the Windows Media Player plugin installed(I had to clear some memory yesterday to get the Media Player's library to update; maybe that caused it), and it was too late to trouble-shoot, so I watched the first group on a constantly crashing MMS stream, on which nonetheless I did see a pleasing amount of Evora and Ladwig's Toscandot, as it has already been christened on Twitter. Going back to IceNetwork proved a good idea, though; I saw more of the last four than I'd expected at that point, especially the bit that made the whole event worth it... ) Tried to watch the medal ceremonies, but the stream broke one last time, so...

    Current Mood: content
    Friday, November 5th, 2010
    10:00 am
    Woke up at quarter to 2 and was tempted to just go back to sleep. What got me up was that I'd seen Cup of China streams linked to on GoldenSkate the previous evening. But CCTV5 wasn't showing the event yet, and the Russian streams refused to work, so I watched the first three events on IceNetwork after all. It worked better than I expected, much like it did the first day of NHK; it was only towards the end of the men's competition that I really started to get annoyed, so for the pairs competition, since I knew CCTV5 was going to show that, I switched to a stream that suffered equally from the bandwidth, but coped in it in a different way; while IceNetwork showed me a frozen image, this stream continually stopped to buffer and, with strategic reloading, showed me a good portion of each program, albeit with continual pauses. I noticed in the process that Chinese cameras still don't really know how to film a skating competition; there was one moment when a pair of waltzing ice dancers went right off the corner and left us looking at empty ice. So I saw some of the competition's incidents but not others... ) Not sure what approach I will take to watching tomorrow night.
    Thursday, November 4th, 2010
    7:21 am
    New Montage
    This one took some extra effort. I spent ages downloading all the footage, waiting for the finale of Be Good Johnny Weir so I could get a copy of that too(and then it wouldn't import into the Movie Maker!), took another week to import it all in, then finished the montage early in September, only to discover it wouldn't save! Spent two more weeks struggling with it, which finally ended when I un-installed and re-installed the MovieMaker, and it rejected all the imported footage and project file. So I re-imported everything and started all over again, saving every two clips to see if any of them were corrupted, stopping for a few more weeks to wait for footage of All That Skate(which also wouldn't import), and Battle of the Blades(which thankfully did). Finally finished and saved the montage yesterday.
    ETA: And if it's not one thing, it's another. The montage is available for download at Hopefully the quality wasn't damaged in the upload.
    Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010
    8:21 am
    Followed election results on Twitter and the occasional ABC update while sitting through Dancing With the Stars for possibly the last time this fall; I'm definitely skipping next week, at the very least. Woke up first to the news that Prop 19 in California was defeated(worried more about the oil-backed ones, which I haven't heard any news for yet), and then that the Democrats were keeping the Senate. Not that it'll make that much difference; Obama will still be fool enough to sign at least a few Republican bills in the thought it'll get them to agree to some of his; of course they won't, but noone in Washington seems to realize that. He'd be smarter to stick his foot in the mud and give the country as much to blame the House for as possible in 2012. Either way, I can hope for no improved job prospects from that quarter.
    Decided to focus on the news that I'll have Johnny on my TV by the end of the month. Except today I must face up re-applying to Kaiser.

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    Current Music: Madonna-Devil Wouldn't Recognize You
    Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010
    7:52 am
    Election Day and I voted over a month ago, and since have watched disaster turn imminent. During which I hunted down a poem I was first exposed to in 10th grade, when my English teacher showed us a PBS special called The United States of Poetry, the website for which I have now found. The last stanza had stayed with me, though I have now discovered I misremembered it slightly. The poem is James Joyce by Matt Cook, and the stanza reads thus:

    Then he said "America must adopt the metric system,
    It's much more logical"
    We said "No ! We like our rulers, go away"
    Thomas Jefferson said you always get the rulers you deserve

    And yet...I think of a girl who was brutalized by Rand Paul supporters, because she was dedicated enough to saving this country that she risked her safety to support politicians that did not deserve her. Does she deserve the rulers we are about to get? I don't speak for myself; I stood by and did nothing, because I was too burned by Obama, too disgusted and too worn down; I acknowledge that. Do you tell us that we must go out and have our heads stomped on, and then lose, and deserve it because we didn't try hard enough?
    There's another poem from the same program our teacher went out of his way to show us; it came later in the program, and he had to fast forward. Or at least I remember it that way, though I can't seem to find it on the website. The poem was recited by the man in a deadpan tone stirring a pot in a kitchen, and consisted of the history of America as cooking instructions, with emphasis on adding guns and toxic materials as the recipe went into the 20th century. Again, I remember only the end. The final two lines, as I remember them:

    Set blender to puree.
    Run from the kitchen.
    Monday, November 1st, 2010
    9:11 am
    I hate my body. Oh, I don't mind its shape. But I spent Saturday night howling in pain when I should have spent it dancing. And my stomach still hurts. No medication works on it anymore. I feel gross, and now I'm afraid of traveling, which is really painful, because I want to travel. To think once I dreamed of a job that would have me seeing the world. Now I know I wouldn't see it, because my body wouldn't let me. I hate that. There's another Jane Austen convention in New York in two years. I want to go back to New York, but now I don't know if I can. I have continual acne at age 26, I have so many moles I'm paranoid about skin cancer, my breasts are too big for my back to handle unless I keep myself under a certain weight, and I get aches and pains everywhere. It's as if my body's conspiring against me.
    My mom's paper went extremely well; both she and I were stopped later by those who attended to receive positive reviews. We also enjoyed some other good presentations, endured some not-so-good ones, watching some pretty dancing at a museum, and saw Powell's book store, a store that spanned four floors and you needed a directory to get around. I'd love to work there. But I don't know how I could manage the trip for an interview.

    Current Mood: depressed
    Thursday, October 28th, 2010
    8:16 am
    Pain is temporary. Chronic pain is temporary, and then temporary, and then temporary, and then temporary...okay, this'll *probably* go away when I hit menopause. But there's plenty of temporarys between then and now. And I think it qualifies as chronic! I'm not sure the midol did anything; it might have been all my mom's new muscle relaxant that's made it bearable-just. But how I am to endure an airplane ride during which it will no doubt wear off I have no idea.
    Pity I don't have health insurance right now. I'm tempted to go back to Kaiser, get an appointment with the doctor, and yell at him/her when they no doubt try to put me back on birth control. Okay, if I went on the constant regimen the cramps wouldn't have the opportunity to happen, but do I really have to riddle my system with hormones to avoid being incapacitated for three days out of the month? It might even backfire, if certain other organs down there don't like it. I don't want hormones; I want answers. Answers besides the idea that it's genetic.

    Current Mood: OWWW
    Wednesday, October 27th, 2010
    7:22 am
    Bad day yesterday(how are you supposed to get uploadable copies of your transcripts? Seriously, is there something I'm missing here?) capped off with the Dancing With the Stars result when I'd forgotten to vote, though I wonder if it would have made a difference. And I still have to watch next week because of Kristi and the Skating With the Stars announcement, but when I hate the team dances, that might just be more incentive to skip the rest of the season afterwards.
    This morning I have a phone screening, and at some point after that mom and I pack and download our boarding passes, and possibly even look at local weather and streetcar information; tomorrow we head for Portland and for a weekend of Austen conferencing, and she will chair a panel. A reasonable hour of departure, fortunately.
    And the radio immediately says the weather here will turn beautiful after today. Ah well.
    Tuesday, October 26th, 2010
    7:36 am
    Went on another interview with another marketing firm on the northern outskirts of Baltimore yesterday. With Google warning us about terrible traffic on the way, we started out two hours beforehand and arrived forty-five minutes early. Thankfully I'd thought to bring another one of my purchases from the booksale, an old Garfield volume(Arlene's introduction, Mrs. Arbuckle doing a Jewish mother impression, and a joke about a Hong Kong telephone directory that I don't think Davis would do today). Back, on the other hand, there was apparently a police funeral going on and we got stopped up on a highway where dad spotted one of the driver's around us taking out the newspaper because noone was moving, and it took not far off two hours. I refreshed Twitter just as the news was breaking of Dubé and Davison being out of the Skate Canada. Very sad. The organizers must be crying; for home stars now they've only got Patrick Chan.
    Monday, October 25th, 2010
    8:24 am
    Yesterday was a busy day: both the George Mason Book Sale and Micheal Weiss' annual ice show. At the former I found My Sergei and I've managed to read through half of it so far. For all Katia likely idealizes Sergei in her memory the story she tells is still far more interesting than I thought; I've even cracked up at times(Read the segment on the wedding. It was a very real and therefore stressful wedding). The actual prose I have to assume is Swift's, given what her English was like, especially back then, but he wisely doesn't make it too fancy, so you feel like he's interpreting.
    Micheal Weiss' show included as highlights Ryan Bradley being Willy Wonka, Dan Hollander riffing the modern scoring system and what I was pretty sure was the Kerrs riffing the new short dance, Nicolette House and Aidys Reklys surprising me by having one of the best programs of the night (before seeing them on the cast list I didn't even know they were still skating together), and Brian Boitano being his usual wonderful self. My mom also enjoyed the Capitol Steps Syncro Team performing to a woodwind-and-strings Led Zeppelin medley. It closed with Weiss doing lots of tricks(including a Candelero-spin) and he, Ryan, and Hollander doing their backflips together, but nobody threw strawberries this year, so no chance to get one. I may post a longer review on FSUniverse later, but I don't spend that much time there anymore.
    Sunday, October 24th, 2010
    7:18 am
    Boris Godunov
    It seems some of the Met's broadcasts are now more popular than others, or perhaps people don't like the noon start time, done due to the opera's length, and, my dad speculates, because it takes time to change sets before the evening opera(both this and next weekend this opera is put on followed by a late start for the evening opera). When we got to the cinema at our usual forty-five minutes beforehand, some of the best seats in the theater were still available.
    I'm not sure the opera actually had to be as long as it was; it definitely stretched out at times. Which was a problem when I was sleep-deprived and nodded off during the exposition and spent much of the rest of the opera catching up. Even after I'd done so I got confused. They talked about the power of Rene Pape in the title role, and they're right to do so, but the fact remains he's not actually in very much of the opera! To be honest, I could've done without the entire second act; there was nothing wrong with it by itself, but I wanted to get back to Russia. Maybe it could have been shortened to a scene within the first or third act; this opera is often performed with extensive edits and I now know why.
    The cast was heavily Russian/ex-Soviet; an interview with the choirmaster and two choir singers confirmed Russian's a very hard language to sing in, so maybe they have to rely on people who speak it already(German Pape talked in an interview about the kindness of his all-Russian castmates when he first did the role helping him out). They also had top Russian conductor, and the director was only an American after their first one couldn't get a visa(don't you hate it when that happens?). Which must have made for an interesting time when, as noted in the choir interview, the opera disobligingly requires an extended 120-people choir! The hostess declared the choir's Russian to be impeccable, but she was flattering everyone even more than the host usually does, and I couldn't really tell. Their impact, on the other hand, was strong.
    Saturday, October 23rd, 2010
    7:20 am
    Actually did fairly okay through the men's and ice dance competition, but by the pairs I was getting sleepy, and after Yankowskas and Coughlin decided to sleep a couple of hours. I got up to a stream that's started breaking. It did just now before Ashley's scores came up, at which point I decided I didn't feel like watching the rest of the competition anyway, especially since... )

    Current Mood: discontent
    Friday, October 22nd, 2010
    7:52 am
    And we're back to the figure skating season. Back to watching alternating clips of skating and frozen images(IceNetwork behaved better than I thought it would, but it's early in the season), back to not being happy with the scores... ) back to watching fans make the scores out as still worse than they actually are, back to mostly watching it on YouTube afterwards(really quick uploading this year, yay!), back to rolling one's eyes at overused music(Tango Night in Nagoya!), back to high-scoring Russians(and I think I can hold Larionov's doping business against him for this last event, since he and Bazarova shouldn't have been able to get themselves into the selection pool for this season; they should have been only doing Rostelecom Cup this year), back to delightful ice dance programs that aren't skated nearly well enough, and back to the crazy twists and turns that make it all worth it ) Can't wait for tomorrow night, and the Reeds skating to "So She Dances"!
    Thursday, October 21st, 2010
    7:53 am
    Unfortunately the interview with AFLAC turned out to be a non-starter. Fortunately when I arrived home there was another email waiting from an advertising company, and now I have another interview Monday.
    This evening, went in my purple shirt and jewelry to an almost-empty office building by Union Station, where we had to be let in because the doors were guarded by infrared sensors, were given out programs in envelopes stamped "confidential" and told a password to get into the theatre though we didn't actually use it, and escorted up to the sixth floor by ushers in period dress, there to see a improbable frequencies, a musical comedy about spies in Ireland during World War II. It had a plot worthy of a more absurd James Bond movie, which provided a handy excuse for a lot of groaners in the dialogue(trust me, it made sense in context), acting of excellent quality across the board, and singing of more varying quality. A little long in places; I fell asleep late in the first act and mom fell asleep late in the second.
    Today must download TVAnts and see if I can nap after dinner, though I'm still not absolutely sure I'll stay up for the NHK Trophy; with my bandwidth, it might just be more efficient to avoid Twitter tomorrow, download the videos from fsvids when they appear, and watch them in order unspoiled.

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    Current Music: Linkin Park-New Divide
    Wednesday, October 20th, 2010
    6:21 am
    Yesterday morning applied for about a zillion jobs on CareerBuilder; it started when they advertised a library job at a community college and then just went on from there. In the afternoon I received two short phone screenings and one actual interview with AFLAC, scheduled for today, in Maryland. Not entirely sure just what I'll come home too afterwards. The library job will probably take longer to respond, if they respond at all.
    Got worried while watching Dancing With the Stars last night that Audrina & Tony would be voted off, but it turned out to be my original guess after last night's show. Woke up to no news this morning about anything, not that I have time for it, since I want to look up a little more about AFLAC before going off, and I need to print yet another copy of my resume.
    In my purple shirt for Spirit Day. Going to have to change for the interview, but I'll wear it out to an Irish play tonight.
    Tuesday, October 19th, 2010
    7:19 am
    Went with mom yesterday to E-Street to see a French movie called Heartbreaker, with Vanessa Paradis and an extremely talented Frenchman who I think was called Francois Damiens. I'm not sure what I thought about it; French movies can tend towards more wackiness than American movies have the nerve for, and this one might have been a little too crazy. Trailers included a movie about Valerie Plame starring Naomi Watts and (who else?) Sean Penn. Made heavy use of Dirty Dancing, to the point I had to explain things to mom on the way to the metro, and she recognized some older movie allusions.
    Just caught Clarissa sniffing about the garbage again. I took a step towards her and she bolted under the bed before I could throw her out. However, she has now left the room on her own.
    Not impressed with Dancing With the Stars, especially not with the filler half-hour before we got to any actual dancing. If they really needed to stretch the program out couldn't they have gotten the pros to do some extra routines?
    Monday, October 18th, 2010
    7:13 am
    Drove to the supermarket a couple of blocks from the house yesterday. Though I still haven't gone on a big road; we entered the parking lot from behind the shopping center to avoid it. Got kitty litter, conditioner, and peanut butter. Is it just me, or does the peanut butter harden a lot quicker in our fridge than it did in the one in the apartment at Queens? Of course, inconvenient as that is for using the peanut butter, it would kind of be evidence that our fridge is working better! It hardened really quickly in Buffalo; trying to spread it on the bread after two days tore the latter up. Stayed up too late last night watching Food Network, but I'm starting to fall for Micheal Symon, even if I've just watched him lose a battle.
    Colder today. I've officially started using the radiator; I turned it on a couple of times last week, but this was the first morning I flicked the switch as I got out of bed.
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