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    Monday, November 29th, 2010
    8:07 am
    Getting more hits from spambots than anything else. Cannot cope. Off to WordPress.
    Sunday, November 28th, 2010
    7:13 am
    ESPN2 is currently showing the men's semi-finals, a little less than 24 hours after, while doing no more than following on Twitter and at one crucial point paying more attention to who was going to make the Grand Prix Finale, I went from neutrality to amazement to desperate vain. I was deflated and left to watch a struggling IceNetwork stream for the ladies with relative indifference, and it was really just as well the stream broke after Mirai, and then again early in the free dance, leaving me to boggle at the music choices, until just after those GPF spots were settled, when mom and I ran off to E Street to see White Material. I was tired and cold and feeling oddly unwell, which the car ride didn't help. And like with Inside Job, the film itself was damaged. There were no green lines in the middle of the screen like there's been with Inside Job, but specs flickered in an out, which was more of a problem when White Material made quite the use of cinematography, though in the end the sheer power of the story took over and I stopped noticing.
    And now, if Mandy must suffer such a devastating loss, at least the world is compensated by a Fedal match Roger actually has a good chance of winning! Though now if Rafa wins it I'll be even more depressed.
    Saturday, November 27th, 2010
    8:09 am
    And IceNetwork has at last proven completely unwatchable today. I'm hoping TV Asahi carries the ladies free live; I downloaded KeyHoleTV last week so I have that. But really, I'm burnt out on skating right now. And tennis. My only real regret today will be not being able to watch the free dance and the battle for the final Grand Prix Finale spot there.
    Yesterday was less Black Friday than Grey Friday for me; clouds and winds outside, a look of desolation. Still cramps.
    What is it with these hip-hop people sampling from 80s hits for their choruses, "Time of My Life," "Video Killed the Radio Star," etc? They're starting to come off as open about their lack of imagination. Heard Waitresses' "Christmas Wrapping" yesterday, which was nice and quick; at least once I went through the entire season without hearing my favorite Christmas song on the radio once.
    Friday, November 26th, 2010
    8:07 am
    I'm getting worried about my mouse. For the past week it's been freezing for split seconds at random intervals. Right now it's only mildly annoying, but if it escalates things could get far worse. Usually at this point I'd clean it out, but it doesn't have the old-style track ball I'm familiar with; there's nothing on the bottom but a tiny red light. If I have to replace it, I shall be very put out; advanced technology causing this sort of trouble is one of my pet peeves.
    Turkey and mashed potatoes last night, and cleaning the house today. Cramps extremely mild but not responding to moitrin; I feel less pained than weirdly lousy, but either way, definitely not going anywhere today. Weather not encouraging either. Need to see what I can wrestle with to watch Trophée Eric Bombard.

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    Thursday, November 25th, 2010
    7:20 am
    What I Am Thankful For
    That I have a roof over my head, the mortgage of which is long paid off, and am in no immediate danger of starving.

    That the Koreas aren't at war at the moment; we may yet survive this.

    That my cramps have been mild so far this month. Also my back pain is pretty much gone; I was getting worried there.

    That the Caps won last night.

    That I can go back to Latin next semester; I think I need the mental work.

    That Jennifer Grey won Dancing with the Stars. And I wouldn't have believed myself thankful for that a month ago...

    That I've got a guy I'm having a lengthy conversation with on OkCupid, I may even meet him after Christmas!
    Wednesday, November 24th, 2010
    7:14 am
    Crazier than Sarah Palin!
    Yesterday was the kind of day where I got into a funk early(Thanks Mandy! You too, Ovie...) and never really got out. It was rainy, there was bombing in the Koreas, and by the evening, I was glad to go to bed at a little past nine. I got up a little less than an hour ago, logged onto Twitter, and the first thing I saw was Jennifer Grey retweeting Hugh Hefner. That was a strange way to find out... )

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    Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010
    7:38 am
    Because of Skating With the Stars' odd start time last night, I ended up watching Jennifer and Derek's freestyle first. I never doubted Derek would nail it in choreographing the number(there's a reason they give him the ringers; they know he'll create quality viewing with them) and indeed he did; from the watermelon in the beginning to Jennifer showing off now that she can dance like a pro. Do you love her, America? Any other season and you would for sure. Either way, guess the Ballas-Hough dynasty continue their almost-perfect record.
    As for the skating show, I'm afraid that while the Russians know how to do this show, I suppose the British must though I've never seen any of the celebrity performances from theirs, and the Canadians were smart enough to use hockey players(Battle of the Blades spoilers... )), we Americans have yet to get a clue. Okay, they were smart enough to find a ringer, and Tanith fits right in in Hollywood, and the numbers and the incorporation of mandatory moves actually worked, but the host was awful(they should have had Tanith and Ben host together. Ben would've been funny), their choice of celebrities other than the ringer was not smart(poor Denis, stuck with Sean Young), and for all of Johnny's fighting words before the show, the judges were way too nice in their comments. Also, there were way too many commercial breaks when I was having trouble staying awake. This show is going to flop, and I feel sorry for the skaters. Can we just import Battle of the Blades instead?
    Monday, November 22nd, 2010
    7:18 am
    Went last night to track down the new theater of the Washington Shakespeare Company and see their production of Schiller's Mary Stuart. We went very early, and got there fifty minutes before the show was supposed to start. But our stay there only ended up last five minutes, because the leading actress was sick, and they didn't have an understudy! That company still has issues. We rescheduled for December, and the girl at the desk told us we were a lot nicer about it than half the people that had come in so far. So I watched the finale of The Next Iron Chef instead. I'd kind of been rooting for the guy who lost, but ah well.
    Job application to mail to Wisconsin today, and Johnny Weir tonight! And Denis Petuhkov and Brooke Castile. Oh, and some random D-list celebrities, whatever. I'm also nearly done with the first post-rejection edit of the ice dance novel, though I was really sad about how the format change in ice dance really ruined the pacing of my competitive sequences.

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    Current Music: Vienna Teng-Harbour
    Sunday, November 21st, 2010
    7:34 am
    Actually ended up seeing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1, with my mother, which meant playing a game of Spot the Famous British Actors. She managed to identify the woman playing Mafalda Hopkirk, which I didn't, noted Ralph Fiennes often plays evil men, gave best-in-show marks to Helen Bonham Carter, who might not have had much screen time, but made what she had count(though equally small as his screen time was, I was even more impressed by Tom Felton), and described herself as genuinely moved when... )
    After getting home I made the mistake of going to FictionAlley for the first time in months to read more reviews. What reviews had been posted were filled with attitudes I'm afraid to say I've grown out of, and contained much ranting by Harry/Hermione shippers-that's another thing; I absolutely loved the relationship they have in the movie, all the more so because of its platonicism. I'm not getting too old for Harry Potter yet, but I'm might just be getting too old for fandom.

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    Saturday, November 20th, 2010
    8:24 am
    Yesterday's stream did not carry over for today, and I've given up on IceNetwork for the men's competition at least; I'm getting more out of following it on Twitter. Latest tweets as I type this is not looking very promising, however...but now I am going to calculate Jeremy Abbott's chances at the Grand Prix Finale as I type:

    Spoilers for Rostelecom Cup... )
    Friday, November 19th, 2010
    2:11 pm
    Up a little past six, and I've spent all the morning and half the afternoon watching Cup of Russia(everyone's calling it that again, whatever it's officially called. Must re-edit the novel to reflect this...) Early in the Ladies' short someone linked to a new Russian TV stream that worked extremely well and I'm holding out hope I can watch again tomorrow. None too soon, either; IceNetwork was really getting hard to watch.
    Trying to group my thoughts together here... )
    Thursday, November 18th, 2010
    7:21 am
    Finally gave up and called the city to find how much I owed on the jaywalking ticket and who to send it to, because the paper the cop gave me didn't say. They talk way too quickly on that taped message, but the check's sent off. My leg feels normal again, the scrape on my elbow no longer hurts(though the band-aids seem to have irritated my skin; it's got a rash!), and there's no pain in my neck anymore, but my back has started constantly aching. My application has been sent to Kaiser as well, but that doesn't kick in until the middle of next month at the earliest.
    Took a couple more photos during my walk yesterday, but the camera I took to Portland, having carried around since last August, still had seven photos left on it. Maybe I should start taking photos of Christmas decorations; I've seen more of them about now.
    Wednesday, November 17th, 2010
    7:13 am
    Last night, after a less than pleasant day, I went to bed before 9:30. This morning, up and onto Twitter, and there was one thing I wanted confirmed right away. I suppose I should spoiler cut this kind of DWTS elimination... ) Now they're talking about it on the radio, even openly suggesting the show is rigged. But of course, it's not like it actually had to be for this trainwreck to happen...
    Tuesday, November 16th, 2010
    7:17 am
    Went with mom to see a documentary called Inside Job, which made a go at explaining why the economy went to pot, with graphics and red and green arrows, and a good deal of it made sense, though some of the fancier terms made my head spin. What was perfectly understandable, on the other hand, were the images of worldwide devastation that resulted, and the lack of punishment for the men responsible. They started in Iceland and managed to get comments from a Chinese official and extremely poor worker, the Prime Minister of Singapore, and France's financial minister. It ended with a call to arms, but unfortunately, there weren't ten people in the theater.
    Instead, everyone will now pay attention to Prince William getting married(on taxpayer money). I woke up just as the news was breaking this morning. Meanwhile, I have another job interview in Maryland. It seems they're always in Maryland.

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    Monday, November 15th, 2010
    7:33 am
    Attempts to stay unspoiled failed, partly thanks to stupid Mike Mancuso insisting on giving results of the other competitions at the beginning and end of the Free Dance(though I managed with some fast clicking to avoid knowing anything other than the winner of the men's competition, so I was still unspoiled for all the fun stuff). Actually, the most telling thing about Mr. Mancuso? During the warm-up for the second group, you could still faintly hear his and Melissa Gregory's conversation, and he was asking her what the scores were going to look like. Hello? You've been covering this event for three years! Melissa, on the other hand, was extremely knowledgeable, and one could hear her announcer voice improving from Saturday to Sunday, but I'm afraid noone's going to tell her not to talk too much. Listening to Tanith's commentary too, I think the next generation of commentators, who spent their skating days attuned to Code of Points and its constant changes, will be a great boon for viewers understanding the sport again.
    At least staying off Twitter spared me having to experience Sod taking Andy M's ranking in real time. I'd be happy for his winning Paris, but this is the worst timing; makes it harder for Mandy at his home finals, and thus hard for him to get it back before AO seeding, and possibly even harder for him to get it back before Wimbledon. I returned just in time to read the reaction of Chelsea-haters to Andy R's jest that his attending their soccer matches might be bad luck for the team, and at least one person telling the poor innocent American not to read his replies if he wants to keep his faith in humanity.
    Sunday, November 14th, 2010
    6:21 am
    Insurance form arrived yesterday, while I was waiting for the phone call. That's enough to drive anyone crazy; when I'm run to the hospital my freshmen year of college with pneumonia, I usually don't end up with the name of an attending physician to provide for the incident years later. Between that, hip pain, and Roger and Llodra both losing and making Mandy's fall for no 5 in the rankings pretty much inevitable, I ended up going for a walk mid-afternoon just to clear my head. Took a couple of pictures of leaves while I was at it. The phone call had come thankfully early; I now have a second interview on Friday. What worries me is I haven't gotten a confirmation email yet.
    After further antics by IceNetwork that nearly made it swear the service off before the Short Dance, I didn't stay up for the men or pairs free; I'm actually hoping to watch them both unspoiled today.
    Saturday, November 13th, 2010
    7:12 am
    IceNetwork stream rapidly declining in quality; I was actually grateful for the sometimes insipid commentary, because it left me with a better idea of what was going on. Particularly aggrieved by it freezing up as Kemp and King began their program, unfreezing for 5-10 seconds, freezing up again, and then unfreezing on the last seconds of the program! After that there was definitely no way I was staying up for the men, even when it showed a surprising amount of Savenchenko & Szolkowy(but I still needed the commentary to know how the program had actually gone) but I still probably didn't sleep enough last night.
    Still not in the system for the jaywalking ticket. I'm probably going to have to call them. Also expecting a call today to set up another job interview, which means I'll probably spend the entire day in.
    Friday, November 12th, 2010
    7:25 am
    Yesterday due to the cabin fever and the need for new headphones I went all the way to Ballston, though originally I intended to take the long way via the yellow line so I could get on the metro at Eisenhower, which was how I find out the closing of a certain tunnel under the metro tracks means I'm effectively cut off from the Hoffman by foot until next summer. Not sure how I'm going to go about seeing Harry Potter next week. I was able to get to the metro anyway, and to Ballston and the music store there that I knew sold cheap comfy headphones(my dad had a pair of earbuds small enough that I could actually get into my ears, but I had to walk carefully for fear they'd fall out). Oddly enough the pair I got felt a little snug, or maybe that was just their newness. Also, while the store was still mostly playing other music, while I was in there they played Paul McCartney's "Wonderful Christmas Time" so that's officially the first Christmas song I heard this year. The mall was decorated for Christmas, too, with a huge four-story tree with its bottom in the food court.
    Skate America tonight! Will probably only stay up for the pairs.

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    Thursday, November 11th, 2010
    7:20 am
    Kaiser is still having technical difficulties, and, more worryingly, my jaywalking ticket still isn't in the online system, and I can't pay it until it is. Still in some pain, but at least I'm walking normally again. Also someone is currently spamming tumblr with pictures of cats. Solo cats, pairs of cats, groups of cat, drawings of cats with umbrellas, a cat on a motorcycle.
    Skate America tomorrow, but glum over the Kerrs being injured. Particularly creepy with then Andy M hurting his wrist; an injury-prone day for Scottish athletes, it seems. Even now I'm not assuming he's going to beat Cilic, who it seems has started winning again. At least Andy R won this morning, but Verdasco just won the first set of his match, so it seems as if he won't get safe for London today. Stupid Monfils never wins when you want him to.
    Wednesday, November 10th, 2010
    7:49 am
    Had an altercation with a car yesterday, and now I have occasional back and neck pain, a lame leg, a scraped elbow, and a fine for jaywalking. Also no headphones, because Clarissa chewed through the chord hanging out of my purse, and still no health insurance. I intend to pay the fine and apply for the insurance this morning, but I'm not sure Kaiser's website will cooperate on the latter. I also have another job interview next Tuesday, though when I made the appointment yesterday evening, it was hurting so bad I doubted my ability to keep it; I had to take ibuprofen just to function. Fortunately I woke up with the pain way down. Obviously I'll be spending the day in. Need to decide today which bad Europop song I'm going to use for my next montage.
    Mandy versus Nalby right now. I was not happy about that when I saw the Paris draw. Two second-round losses in as many weeks would not be nice.

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